Quality furniture from the 1600’s to the mid 19th century, including clocks, barometers, tea caddies and all items relating to domestic life and furnishings from this period, also paintings, silver and decorative objects.

Mike Hicks Antiques

Mike Hicks
Mike Hicks Mustard TV Paul Studd
Mike Hicks Paul Studd Mustard TV
Mike Hicks Mustard TV Studdy

Mike is a regular presenter on Mustard TV's flagship programme, The Mustard Show.

Mike Hicks Mustard TV Studdy
Mike Hicks Mustard TV Studdy

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Visit from Anita Manning & the BBC's Antique Road Trip team.

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Mike has been involved in programmes on BBC radio over the last thirty years & is currently on the popular antiques phone-in with Matthew Gudgin. He has written a weekly collectors column for the Eastern Daily Press newspaper for the last fifteen years and has appeared many times on television programmes including  twenty four episodes of "John Craven’s Collectables" and a magazine programme with Jo Molone.


He has lectured and given talks widely over East Anglia during the last thirty years, and has also been a member of many road shows throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.


He has a wonderful loyal local clientele as well as customers from literally all over the world, amongst them, film and television personalities, titled families, customers past and present, including cabinet ministers, amongst our list of clients.

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