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A Dealer's Notes

Lace Making

It is thought that lace making spread throughout Europe from Italy in the early 16th century and probably more

Plastic Treasures

Not all plastic is plastic - if you know what I mean.  (Now that IS a bit of Norfolk!) We normally think of more

Brass Charmers

During the early part of the 19th century it became fashionable, if not essential, to place on the leather horses harness trinkets of more


For those of you may already collect, or are tempted to collect, thimbles and become a digitabulist and start searching for ancient more


Both the preparation and presenting of ones Curriculum Vitae is a very important task.  The way it is constructed and more

Tea Caddies

Today we take our tea very differently to when it was first introduced in the 17th century.  At that time it was considered to be a very rare more


With the advent of global warming maybe we will see a return in popularity of the traditional fan. Their use is obvious, but their history is more

Decorated Glass

I am sure at times we have all watched a glass blower creating wares and being amazed at his skill and more

Sunken Treasure

How many enthusiastic amateur divers have dreamed of finding a submerged, wrecked galleon, stacked with more